Service and Support


Liquor Control Solutions prides itself on service, offering the finest service and support packages in the industry. You can rely on our staff to give you and your business the attention it deserves. What can customers expect from our company regarding service? Only the best of course! We have trained technicians to assist you with your every need or question.


Our rental program is the most affordable liquor control solutions out there. Utilizing one of our ultra-compact SPYLITE controllers with 7 or 15 price categories this full featured lowest cost solution can track and send all items dispensed to a receipt printer for full bartender accountability.
Spylite is the total package at a price point that has the competition running to catch up with its design and unbeatable return on investment.

A black and silver device with a coil attached to it.
  • High Quality & Low Cost Compact Solution

  • Control: Pouring Portions,

  • Reports to printer

  • Reporting Software available

  • High Flow Spouts

  • Installation: Setup evaluated by experts to fit your needs

  • How to rent? 1(866) 803-3000